July 2007 - Medea by Euripedes

Directed by Judi Daykin
Photographs by Rhett Davies

Euripedes’ tragedy tells how Medea - a divine being, granddaughter of the sun – plans a savage and devastating revenge when she is betrayed by her husband, for whom she has sacrificed so much. It is a dark drama full of passion, betrayal and vengeance.

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Review - ‘I have just been privileged to be in the audience for another Maddermarket Youth Theatre Production.

The Previous show was an excellent devised musical whereas this was a well known, scripted play Medea by Euripedes. These youngsters rose to the challenge of Greek Tragedy magnificently and I am full of praise for the way in which they tackled this dark and bloody story.

I don’t want to mention individual names but obviously Medea must be congratulated on a huge part which drove the action. While not wanting to pick people out it is always the case that some people have a magnetic quality on stage and have that elusive thing “stage presence”. This is something that can’t be taught and has nothing to do with being given the biggest part. The girl with the red ribbon in her pony tail and the girl who acted out the poison scene held my attention, as did the girl with the amazing auburn hair. All credit to Creon and Jason for carrying off two tricky roles with conviction and sincerity…You did well to keep us believing in this tragedy which was really chilling as it reached it’s bloody climax.

The opening moments with dry ice and eerie music set the scene. In fact the lighting and effects throughout were most thoughtful and effective.

All credit to Judi Daykin and the helpers who were listed in the programme. A thought provoking and encouraging evening, which was thoroughly enjoyed by a large audience of parents and peer group supporters.’